Traditional Chinese Medicine

 Luka Harmonia Centar
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     LUKA HARMONIA CENTAR applies the Traditional Chinese Medicine methods and therapies that are specially focused on:


1.  Prevention and health preservation, 

2.  Treatment of diseases and symptoms,

3.  Rehabilitation after injury and post-operative rehabilitation,

4.  Stimulation of body systems, growth and development

5.  Improving the health and general well being in elders


     We treat you with care. Considering your personal needs and health condition, our treatment is based on methods such as: acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping therapy and tui na massage. We also help you to move and strengthen your body energy by teaching you the art of Qi Gong.


     Thomas Shin was born in South Korea. He got bachelor degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and master degree in Rehabilitation Sciences of Traditional Chinese Medicine at the „Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine“ in China.

     Mr Shin has a long clinical experience. He worked in clinics in Canada and China. He is the founder of „Luka Harmonia Centar“, centar for health care and prevention in Croatia and a board member of the „World Health Promotion Association“ (WHPA).

     He emphasizes the importance of prevention in health care and helps his clients to develop their own energy and to balance mind and body. In his daily life he practises chinese martial arts (taijiquan, baguazhang) and uses the skill of aikido and kendo. He speaks korean, chinese and english.




     Kristina Matešić got bachelor degree in Psychology. In her hometown Rijeka she was practising and teaching Taijiquan. In 2006. she moved to China to develop her Taiji skill and learn Qigong and Chinese Medicine. She got master degree in Rehabilitation Science of Traditional Chinese

Medicine at the „Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine“. Currently she is working in „Luka Harmonia Centar“ and teaching Health Qi Gong, the art of balanced breathing, mental activity and movement.




     Li Zhong Qi graduated from the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China.

     He is a 3rd generation Disciple of Master Tong style of acupuncture

(Dr Tong Jing Chang > Dr Hu Wen Zhi > Dr Li Zhong Qi).

     He studied Chinese Herbal Medicine ("Shang Han Lun") with famous  

Dr Chen Fu from Sichuan province, China.

     In Taiwan he studied American Chiropractic Method.

     He lectures and teaches Master Tong style of acupuncture.


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